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One of the most exciting elements of a new RapidWeaver release is seeing the new themes that come with the new software. But, the new themes don’t just come from the Realmac Software release: the community will unveil many innovative and unique themes once they’ve had time to toy with the new version of the program.

When RapidWeaver 8 hit the virtual shelves in 2018, five brand new and original themes came alongside it, being perfectly constructed for users to flex their web design muscles on the new platform. All of the new themes were built upon the Bootstrap 4 toolkit, meaning that they are all modern, fully responsive, and cross-browser tested, as shown by the Realmac Software blog. Each theme boasts a new range of styling features to make even more elements of web building customisable, including additional colour options and control over column widths.

RapidWeaver 8 brought with it the Mountains Theme, Future Theme, Engineer Theme, Artful Theme, and Climate Theme to add to the large theme library provided by Realmac Software. But, with such a vibrant, active, and creative community, third-party RapidWeaver themes can be found by the bucket load if the selection provided by the software’s creator doesn’t quite provide what you’re looking to use.

One of the top places to find new themes for the web design platform is on the RapidWeaver Community pages. Using the search engine on the website, you can find many more themes to check out and bring to your collection of RapidWeaver add-ons if any of them take your fancy.

As Realmac Software does not create them, some people are sceptical of using these third-party themes, but each theme’s add-ons page features a breakdown of what it includes, a ‘like’ count, reviews – if another user has downloaded the theme and taken the time to write a review – as well as the opportunity to view a preview of the theme.

Making use of the themes developed by outside sources can be a great way to make your RapidWeaver website unique. Also, some theme creators will build the new designs to counter problems that they’ve encountered with the built-in themes or to add features which they think make the task of building a website easier or better. So, it’s worth browsing through the community page to see what’s on offer.

The other place that you can find new themes as well as get help when working with a theme is on the Realmac Software forum. Here, designers will post information on their newly created themes, experts will help those who need assistance with the use of themes, and users will report bugs. It’s a lively and active community of users in the forum, so if you have a question about a specific theme or would like help finding a theme that will suit your needs, it’s certainly worth popping into the forum.

While RapidWeaver 8 comes with plenty of themes, including five exciting new additions, RapidWeaver users get the benefit of being able to utilise the community to find even more themes. With so many to choose from in the program, on the community page, and with the help of the forum, you’re bound to find a theme that suits your needs.

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