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Explaining Stacks: What is it? How do you use it?

If there’s one thing that’s true across the glut of the RapidWeaver community, it’s that the majority of us love Stacks. However, those looking to get started with the software, or just want to find out what the hype about Stacks is, often come across a very early stumbling point: understanding what Stacks is.

The trickiest part about Stacks is understanding what ‘Stacks’ is and what ‘stacks’ are in the first place. The naming used for the very useful software isn’t very user-friendly at first, but you’ll get used to how it works.

The first thing that you should know is that when we refer to ‘Stacks’ – capitalised – we are referencing the plug-in for RapidWeaver. However, we will also refer to ‘stacks’ – not capitalised – which are the widgets used for the Stacks plug-in. So, ‘Stacks’ is the plug-in for RapidWeaver, and ‘stacks’ are the widgets to be used with the plug-in.

With that somewhat frustrating start out of the way, now you can delve into the glory of Stacks. Stacks is an excellent plug-in for RapidWeaver which gives you even more control over the layout of your website, with it being as easy as dragging and dropping to build responsive, multi-column websites. Stacks was a much-loved plug-in on RapidWeaver 7, so Realmac Software made a point of making it fully compatible with RapidWeaver 8 to make the transition for all users as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Created by YourHead Software, you add Stacks as a new page type in the exact same way as you’d add any other plug-in, but the special aspect of Stacks is its extensive, built-in library of widgets, known as stacks. Within this library of widgets, you’ll find a diverse range of stacks to create multi-column images, buttons, text areas, headings, buttons, and much more simply by doing a click-and-drag to pull the stacks into the desired part of the editing area.

Stacks and its stacks allow you to quickly and easily create whatever layout you wish. Once you get past the ‘Stacks or stacks’ element, the plug-in and accompanying widgets can prove to be invaluable to your RapidWeaver website building, especially if you give the RapidWeaver Community stacks a peek to find exactly what you need.

Realmac Software have lovingly created a short tutorial video to help you to learn how to use the Stacks plug-in with RapidWeaver 8. As you will see by watching the video below, it’s very easy to use stacks to create a great layout for your website.

If you haven’t already, be sure to give Stacks a try. If you find the selection of included stacks to be a bit limited, check out the RapidWeaver Community pages for even more stacks to utilise.

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