RapidCart Pro

Rob Hall is highly impressed with Omnidea's truly professional e-commerce solution.
Thursday 23 April 2015


Joe Workman
Rob Hall considers Joe Workman's slick single-page solution for RapidWeaver.
Sunday 19 April 2015

Social Stream

Rapid Ideas
Rapid Ideas Reborn Part II – Rob Hall looks at Chris's Social Streaming stack.
Thursday 16 April 2015

Scroll Mate

Big White Duck
Looking for a scrollmate? Rob Hall looks deep into the eyes of BWD's latest coffeeware stack.
Tuesday 14 April 2015


Doobox / StackManiac / Yuzool/ Joe Workman
Rob Hall looks at 'Organised Content' with responsive tab stacks.
Sunday 12 April 2015

Filtering Stacks Content

Doobox / Maik Barz / Stacks4Stacks
Have you ever wondered how Doobox or Maik Barz or S4S sort their product pages? Rob Hall has.
Wednesday 8 April 2015


Big White Duck
Great Minds Think Alike — Rob Hall takes a look at Andrew Tavernor's free stack solution for non-breaking text.
Monday 6 April 2015

Non-Breaking Text

Rob Hall takes a look at Will Woodgate's free stack solution for Non-Breaking Text
Friday 3 April 2015


€17.50 (or €8.50 upgrade from version 1.x)
The venerable utility for editing images inside Rapidweaver themes gets a new lease of life, says Rob Beattie
24 March 2015

Slide Overlay, U Weather, & News Grid Stacks

Rapid Ideas
Rob Hall finds a Rapid Ideas Reborn. Part One.
Sunday 22 March 2015

Rare Nuptial Event

Better late than never. Marten Claridge discovers there's almost more to life than RapidWeaver.
20th March 2015

Duo Theme

Rob Beattie reviews another smart, modern theme from Multithemes with a distinctive, split-screen look.
17th March 2015

Animated Buttons and Shifting Images

Rob Hall finds DeFliGra is still slaving away in his Danish smithy and has produced yet another two new stacks!
Monday 16th March 2015


Yuzool Themes
Swap or flip your content – or do both, suggests Rob Hall.
Friday 13th March 2015

Light Page

NCD (Nick Cates)
Is it a lightbox? Is it an iFrame? Is it a theme? No, it's Light Page, says Rob Hall
9th March 2015

Answer Café

Rob Hall looks for answers at the 'Stack Overflow' for Weavers
8th March 2015

The Cat's Out of the Bag

Bryn Owen Design
Rob Hall passes his critical eye over new developer Bryn Owen's range of stacks
7th March 2015


One Little Designer (1LD)
Rob Hall takes a damn good look at Jeremy Hawe's answer to Freestyle Layout for RapidWeaver
5th March 2015

Shadow & Gradient

Rob Hall examines Gary's answer to shadows and gradients
2nd March 2015


RealMac Software
£14.99  (Buy one get one free promotion currently on)
28th Febuary 2015


Joe Workman
Smooth. Rob Hall finds a parallaxative that works out of the box.
20th Febuary 2015
Stacks Image 12209

25% Off Anima & Plan Themes

A couple of themes from Michelangelo to get really animated about. Angus MacPheep has all the discount details.
18th Febuary 2015


Now You See Me… Now You Don't. Rob Hall plays Hide and Seek with Tommy's Hide and Show stack.
16th Febuary 2015

ExtraContent Plus

Extra Content Re-Invented — Rob Hall rejoices at Will Woodgate's latest free stack
3rd February 2015
Stacks Image 12429

iCentral Is No More

Angus MacPheep holds back the tears long enough to announce the passing of a great RapidWeaver Central institution.
13th November 2014
Stacks Image 13825
Stacks Image 85664

Write For Us

Marten Claridge
Want to join our writing team and write for an audience of millions? Now's your chance. Get in touch to find out more.
Stacks Image 12601
Stacks Image 11381
Stacks Image 12561
We're not the only major RapidWeaver Resource or Developer that hosts with Chillidog Hosting. Which is why they come highly recommended.

TemplateThing 040

RapidWeaver Central
Stacks Image 12371
Brand new Template inspired by the Developer containers on RapidWeaver Central.
Source: WeaverThings

Bigfoot Responsive

RapidWeaver Central
Stacks Image 12834
Bigfoot Responsive will take your big footers and transport them to a whole new responsive level.
Source: WeaverThings

TemplateThing 039

RapidWeaver Central
Stacks Image 12399
One of three brand NEW Templates, this one inspired by the Reviews section on the Apps page.
Source: WeaverThings

TemplateThing 038

RapidWeaver Central
Stacks Image 12317
One of three brand NEW Templates, this one inspired by the Recommended Reading section lower down this page.
Source: WeaverThings

TemplateThing 037

RapidWeaver Central
Stacks Image 12096
Brand new Template inspired by the Freebie section lower down this page.
Source: WeaverThings

Summer Theme

BLT Themes
Stacks Image 12642
Brandon Lee's latest theme Summer is cool by design. I love its minimal style.
Source: BLT Themes

Secure Mailto Generator

Stacks Image 12736
Creates randomly encoded Mailto links ready for you to paste into your web pages.
Stops trawling robots harvesting your email address to use for spamming.
Source: Doobox


Stacks Image 12469
This useful stack provides a method to quickly setup 'previous' and 'next' navigation links in your webpages, for benefit of both website visitors and search engines indexing your website.
Source: Stacks4Stacks

Stripped Theme

Henk Vrieselaar
Stacks Image 12248
Clean layouts don’t need to be plain and boring, and Henk's stylish new theme is light years away from that.


Tommy Hanssen
Stacks Image 12256
Did you ever need to quickly build a list and wondered how to get the format just right? Tommy Hanssen did, and built a stack for just that purpose. 
Source: DenFliGra
Stacks Image 14549
Stacks Image 12770


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