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RapidWeaver Central v3.0

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Welcome to this third reinvention of the RapidWeaver Central wheel, in which we introduce a slightly (!) more colourful, open and magazine-like feel we hope will favour the content we'll soon be featuring.

So why the change?

Well, with the team at Realmac now working harder than ever to improve their ever more resourceful Addons area, it's become increasingly obvious that in order to stay relevant to Weavers, RapidWeaver Central needs to evolve or become redundant.

So in this new streamlined incarnation, we'll be bringing you a far more focused snackable-content value-proposition in a dynamic big-data resource that is both proactive and reactive to Weaver engagement and their ever-changing needs.
What does that mean exactly?

We haven't got a clue, but we'll let you know once we've finished "A Growth Hacker's Guide to A Thought Leader's Wet Digital Marketing Buzzword Dream". It's a game-changer.

Aesthetically, though, we've now brought RapidWeaver Central inline with our responsive new WeaverThings design, and once we've nailed down all the outstanding responsive issues, our Quantum Weaving site will follow suit soon after. This will then imbue a sense of continuity between the different services and products beneath our RapidWeaver Central aegis, one that will look as good as ever across your various devices.

Iterate Obliterate Reiterate

Of course change is never easy, nor to everyone's taste, but I'm sure you'll agree that those historians still sober in the next Millennium will look back on this evolutionary stagger as merely the first iteration of many as RapidWeaver Central matures in response to your much anticipated feedback.

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Rob Hall looks at Hover effects for RapidWeaver images
31st August 2014
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Marten reflects on one Summer that didn't pass him by
25th August 2014
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Rob Hall removes his Easy Riders to stare at Yuzool's latest Stack
25th August 2014
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Marten gets up early in the afternoon to look at Bill's latest offerings
19th August 2014
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Post Conjunctional Nuptials?

Rob Hall Speculates on the Joe Workman/Pressure Design merger
19th August 2014
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Flickr Slideshow

Rob Hall's take on Archetypon's New Flickr Slideshow Stack
16th August 2014
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Video Plus

Rob Hall Takes a look at Doobox's Latest Video Stack
15th August 2014
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Google Maps, Yuzool Style

Rob Hall Sinks into a Zen-like state to contemplate Yuzool's Latest Stack
5th August 2014
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WeaverThings News

Marten Claridge Tries to remember what he's got lined up for next week
1st August 2014
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Marten Claridge On the reorganisation of WeaverThings in the Stacks Elements Browser
22nd July 2014
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RapidWeaver Central
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Brand new Template inspired by the Developer containers on RapidWeaver Central.
Source: WeaverThings

Bigfoot Responsive

RapidWeaver Central
Stacks Image 12834
Bigfoot Responsive will take your big footers and transport them to a whole new responsive level.
Source: WeaverThings

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RapidWeaver Central
Stacks Image 12399
One of three brand NEW Templates, this one inspired by the Reviews section on the Apps page.
Source: WeaverThings

TemplateThing 038

RapidWeaver Central
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One of three brand NEW Templates, this one inspired by the Recommended Reading section lower down this page.
Source: WeaverThings

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RapidWeaver Central
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Brand new Template inspired by the Freebie section lower down this page.
Source: WeaverThings


On Your iPhone

Get all the latest RapidWeaver product news on your iPhone for FREE!
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Summer Theme

BLT Themes
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Brandon Lee's latest theme Summer is cool by design. I love its minimal style.
Source: BLT Themes

Rustic Theme

Elixir Graphics
Stacks Image 12736
A typically elegant, responsive theme that provides a great layout for your portfolio, blog, or small business site.


Stacks Image 2267
HotSpotsPro is arguably the most sophisticated stack available for building fully-responsive image maps in RapidWeaver.
Source: Stacks4Stacks

Autonomy Theme

Stacks Image 2223
Nothing arty farty about this theme, it's just nice and simple and responsive and does exactly what any good business theme should do.
Source: WeaverThemes

Final Word

Stacks Image 2178
Have The Final Word With Doobox's Final Word Stack.
Source: Doobox
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Marten Claridge
Addicted to creation? Want to join our writing team and write for an audience of millions? Now's your chance. Get in touch to find out more.


Recommended Reading

Jul 23, 2014
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How to make whitespace work on the Web

By Marc Schenker
I've noticed that quite a few RapidWeavers seem to be scared of white space and try to cram as much information as they can into small spaces without regard to creating elemental hierarchy. This article highlights some of the benefits of using white space to your advantage.
July 19, 2014
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A Comprehensive Reading List for and by Designers

By Margaret Kelsey
Big bibliophiles that they are at InVision, they asked some of their favourite designers to recommend the book that inspired them the most this past year. Check out the 75 most popular answers and the top designers who recommend them, plus 5 inspiring periodicals.
Source: InVision
July 22, 2014
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Beyond Niches: Create the Ultimate Message

By  Demian Farnworth
Finding your niche and trying to stand out if not dominate it is hard enough in the worldwide madding crowd. According to Copyblogger's Demian Farnworth, you need to understand your audience’s outlook and tap into their worldview.
Source: Copyblogger
June 13, 2014
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Living up to Your (Business) Ideals

By Geoff Dimasi
Values? Ideals? Is there a place in your online business for such strange bedfellows as these? Geoff DiMasi thinks so. He says establishing a vision for your work and the way you evaluate prospective clients and projects is the way to get started.
Source: A List Apart
June 17, 2014
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How to do a...
Product Critique

By Julie Zhou
Of course I have no ulterior motive for highlighting this article, but if you do find it informative — and even inspiring — enough to make you want to review a RapidWeaver addon for our readers, then feel free to draw your own conclusion and get in touch!
Source: Medium
June 10, 2014
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Is Metagaming Killing Your Marketing?

By  Gregory Ciotti
Nice title, not sure it actually makes any sense in my understanding of the term but nevertheless it's still an interesting article about the dangers of using 'one size fits all' methods of marketing, where 'best practices' are the metagame that can stifle innovation.
Source: Copyblogger
June 13, 2014
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The secrets to using large expressive type

By Rob Bowen
It's all about striking a visual balance between text and images. Rob Bowen suggests the use of large, expressive typography offers us the ability to combine both to convey our message in a highly visual and textual way.
June 17, 2014
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The Builder’s High

By Michael Lapp
This article gets a look-in because I read it on the day I closed down my Twitter account, having finally realised that I used to care but things have changed. Maybe it's an age thing.
June 10, 2014
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Let Dr. Seuss Help You Create Unforgettable Copy

By Amy Harrison
It's not just about headlines. It's about writing addictive copy that hooks your reader word by word, line by line. Amy Harrison has some good advice for adding power to your own writing with techniques used by a king of addictive prose, Dr. Seuss.
Source: Copyblogger
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